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When the Culture Turns on You, It’s Time to Worry

How bad are things getting for President Obama? There are indications that the tide of public opinion is turning very negative. According to Gallop, his approval rating has dropped to 39%. Perhaps even more disconcerting, the culture seems to be turning against him. When the culture turns against you, it’s time to worry.

At a University of Missouri football game on Saturday the largely college student crowd booed during a swearing-in ceremony for new members of the National Guard. The booing occurred when they were asked to take an oath to “obey the orders of the President of the United States.”

Jay Leno’s monologue included a bit about how President Obama was such a good speaker he even seemed to believe himself when he told supporters that he really said “you could keep your insurance if it hadn’t changed since the law had passed. And then his pants caught fire.” The audience not only laughed, it clapped.

Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley did a skit at the Country Music Awards this week making fun of the ObamaCare web site and the “6 people” who have signed up. It was very well received.

Finally, the Washington Post gave President Obama three Pinocchios out of four for his claim that the health insurance policy cancellations millions of Americans are experiencing were really the insurance companies’ fault. The comments to the article are very telling about where the public currently stands on the President’s credibility. On the other hand, this was an improvement from the four Pinocchios the Washington Post gave the President last week for his pledge that “no one will take away” your health plan. The comments to this article are also very revealing.

With the results of ObamaCare’s impact on the Virginia Governor’s election now a matter of record, you have to wonder how long the Administration can allow this to continue.

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