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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald – The Dems are Going After Elizabeth Warren B

Last night, Andy joined Liz MacDonald to discuss why Senator Warren’s outrageous proposals are now backfiring and how the Democrats are teaming up against her and the socialistic economic plans she is touting.

“It’s a ridiculous plan [Medicare for all]… She’s clearly mathematically inept,” said Andy.

When asked about his thoughts on whether the tide is turning on the recent popularity of socialism, Andy suggested, “I think Warren got overconfident and she actually is letting the American public know how the plans that she has are based on envy and greed, not based on trying to help people…”

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Next discussed was how Warren’s ‘Medicare for all’ plan will essentially wipe out all other medical insurance options. Andy explained that there are about 170 million employees who have insurance through the private sector and about 220 million people covered under various health insurance plans, many of whom actually like their benefits. “These are people that are going to be deprived of the medical insurance that they have. They’re going to have to pay significantly higher taxes for plans that they really don’t like so that Elizabeth Warren can execute this Medicare for all [plan],” Andy argued.

In closing, Liz asked what Andy thought about Democrats taking jabs Elizabeth Warren. “I think they’re [Democrats] right- she is elitist and condescending. She’s also dishonest… this is a women who really has no right to be the president of the United States,” concluded Andy.

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