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Appearances: The Story with Martha MacCallum – We Can’t Pay for ‘Medicare for all.

Last night, Andy joined Martha MacCallum to discuss the Democratic 2020 hopefuls throwing jabs at one another in the ongoing conversation around “Medicare for all” and how it will be paid for.

When asked about the reality of this plan, Andy explained that during the 2019 fiscal year [which ended in September], “We took in $3.5 trillion in total revenue from every source for the government. We spent about $4.5 trillion, so we spent about a trillion more than we brought in… Medicare for all would cost, according to the Mercatus Foundation, … $3.26 trillion a year on average for 10 years.” He went on to add that competition is the only thing that will improve the quality of healthcare and decrease the price, which is what Bernie Sanders is trying to eliminate altogether. “We can’t pay for this. It’s a bad idea.”

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When Martha asked why the Democrats won’t just be transparent with the cost of a Medicare for all program, Andy argued that they don’t want to disclose how much these programs will actually affect the middle class in taxes. He added that in 2017, the rich earned $2.3 trillion dollars collectively, which wouldn’t even come close to paying Medicare for all. “That’s not where the money is. The money’s in the middle class,” added Andy.

Lastly, Andy was asked if he thinks Hillary Clinton will get into the running for the 2020 presidency. “They’re looking for somebody… You watched the debate. Nobody on that stage could take on Donald Trump in a fair election and win,” concluded Andy.

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