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Trump’s improved poll numbers and his negotiation tactics can translate into big wins

To view the segments associated with this interview, please scroll to the end of this post.

Earlier today, I joined Fox Business Host Stuart Varney and Steve Forbes during Varney and Co. to discuss the latest presidential poll numbers which show a dead heat race between Trump and Hillary. Varney asked my thoughts on what has led to the surge and I told him that Trump has done a good job with his recent speeches and that Hillary’s “deplorables” comment have hurt her more than people admit. Towards the end of the hour-long segment, Varney also asked me if slapping a 35% tax on cars made in Mexico to prevent companies from moving out of the U.S. was a good thing. I explained that Trump is using the tariff as a negotiation tool and that he is taking the kinds of positions that a businessman would in order to get a good deal. While the show is not available in its entirety, these two links will take you to the respective segments:

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