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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald – The President Will Juxtapose His Very Posit

Last night, Andy joined Liz MacDonald to discuss President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union Address. When asked about his take on the topics planned Andy said, “It’s all very positive… He gives a great State of the Union… It’s going to leave the Democrats in a position where they’re going to ask blue collar Americans, ‘Who are you going to believe, us or your wallets?’ and I think the American people are going to believe their wallets.”

Andy and Liz then moved on to the Democrats rebuttal, which includes messages about the U.S. Farm bankruptcies hitting an eight year high, American consumers paying for China tariffs, and more. Andy laughed and said, “Number one, I think Trump has an 83% approval rate with farmers. Farmers understood what President Trump was doing, the phase one China deal will be hugely beneficial to them – that’s going to fall on deaf ears.” He went on to explain that the Democrats are in the very difficult position of going to Americans who are working more and making more money and trying to convince them that things aren’t as good as they seem.

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In closing, Andy pointed out that President Trump is someone who will defend himself when Liz asked about his thoughts on Trump seeing Nancy Pelosi at the State of the Union Address for the first time since October. “He [Trump] will juxtapose his very positive message to the very negative message coming out of the Democratic party… He’s in a very good position tonight, I think, to talk to people and say, ‘Look, I’ve done my job for you – when you get to the voting booth, please remember that,'” Andy concluded.

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