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Appearances: The Story with Martha MacCallum – Economist Paul Krugman is Always Confident and

Last week, Andy joined ‘The Story with Martha MacCallum’ to discuss economist Paul Krugman’s admission of a strong U.S. economy after initially predicting a global recession under President Trump when he was first elected. Andy explained that Krugman has been an extremely doubtful economist since Trump took office and that it was no surprise that he [Krugman] is now trying to credit government spending for economic growth, noting that Krugman’s been an advocate of John Maynard Keynes’ demand-side economic principles (when the government spends more to spur economic growth). “It’s a terrible system. Supply-side economics is much better [and] what President Trump did with tax cuts, deregulation, and a focus on domestic energy,” Andy said.

Next, Martha asked Andy about the overall concerns around the U.S. deficit, to which Andy said, “Number one, it concerns me and it concerns the president, but we had to rebuild the military… and it’s been rebuilt so that’s an expense that’s now behind us…. Secondly, we need to control non-discretionary spending. We need to control the government spending where the cost goes up no matter what the budget says…We need to revise those programs. That will actually take some unity of action between Congress and the presidency,” said Andy.

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In closing, Martha asked about the White House’s announcement to increase A.I. funding to which Andy said, “I think we need to remain competitive…If we don’t do that, we’re going to pay a bigger price down the road.”

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