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Slow paced economic growth isn’t structural. Rather ObamaCare/Clinton policies are to blame.

To see my interview on this topic, please click here:

This morning, I joined Bloomberg’s David Westin and Alix Steel to discuss the latest jobs report. According to Westin, the report shows 7.9 million people are out of work and he asked me how Trump will find people to fill the 25 million jobs he’s promised to create. I told Westin he needs to look at the labor participation rate which shows there are tens of millions who are out of labor force or working part time jobs because they can’t find full time work. Steel then asked me if stagnant growth is the problem. I told her that it is but also made it clear that a lot of it is due to tax, energy, regulatory and trade policies of the Obama administration which is why change is needed. Towards the end of the segment, I also discussed the impact Obamacare is having on the restaurant industry. The segment is entitled, Finding Enough Americans to Fill Trump’s 25 Million Jobs.

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