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ObamaCare and President Obama’s unilateral action on immigration likely to put U.S. workers at a com

To read a Wall Street Journal op-ed I wrote on the topic, please click on this link:

At a time when ObamaCare continues to face criticism and Congressional Republicans are working to repeal it, I took the opportunity to write an op-ed entitled, The ObamaCare-Immigration Collision, which ran in the Wall Street Journal this past week. In it, I discuss how the ill-conceived law will pit U.S. workers against immigrants. How, you ask?

President Obama’s executive action to stop the deportation of five million undocumented immigrants and give them “work authorizations” will put U.S. citizens at a competitive disadvantage—something Obama said would not happen during a televised speech—since employers aren’t required to offer ObamaCare coverage or subsidies to these immigrants, making American citizens more expensive to hire or retain.

As an alternative to a law that was rammed thru Congress with little thought given to its impact on consumers and businesses alike, we need to look closely at market-based plans that have been proposed by GOP presidential hopefuls Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. We can’t afford the status quo.

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