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George Will’s Column [News]

I had lunch with George Will a couple of weeks ago and, as a result of that lunch, he wrote an opinion piece on ObamaCare for the Washington Post. You can read the article here. He’s a very intelligent and personable guy and we shared a love not only of this country and its history but also of baseball (although he is a Cubs fan and I’m a Cardinals fan). I wish Carl were still around so he could read the article.

In 1941, Carl Karcher was a 24-year-old truck driver for a bakery. Impressed by the large numbers of buns he was delivering, he scrounged up $326 to buy a hot dog cart across from a Goodyear plant. And the war came. So did millions of defense industry workers and their cars. And, soon, Southern California’s contribution to American cuisine — fast food. Including, eventually, hundreds of Carl’s Jr. restaurants. Karcher died in 2008, but his legacy, CKE Restaurants, survives. It would thrive, says CEO Andy Puzder, but for government’s comprehensive campaign against job creation. Source

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