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Businesses in California Demand Economic Relief

What's the Delay? Regulation slows business

Image: Eric Allie; The Snow Report

California’s over-regulation of business is quite simply driving businesses out of California and preventing growth for the businesses that stay. This, in turn, inhibits the job creation. Recently, Tom Thomson, a Carl’s Jr. franchisee, related his experience with California’s regulatory scheme in an AP story that appeared in the Washington Examiner:

Tom Thompson is a CKE franchisee with 59 restaurants in the San Francisco Bay area and the Central Valley. He said he went through a three-year process of trying to build a restaurant in the Fresno area only to see planners at the state and local level impose improvements for the disabled at an adjacent intersection and an unwanted double drive-through lane. He decided to pull the plug. “That was five years ago; the property is still vacant,” Thompson said.

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