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Radio Appearances: Bloomberg Sound On – 2020 Election; U.S. and the Global Economy

Yesterday, Andy joined the Bloomberg Sound On podcast to discuss the 2020 election and the economy. The topic first discussed was Andy’s recent article in the Washington Post, titled “Elizabeth Warren is the Real Economic Threat.” When asked about his position on the subject, Andy said the biggest threat would be if we elected somebody like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders and they, “implemented some of these economic policies they’re talking about, which they don’t even argue would generate economic growth… they’re just trying to redistribute wealth.”

Also discussed was the global economy’s affect on the U.S. economy. “Even with all the problems in the world economy, GDP is still very positive… the numbers domestically look good, consumer spending looks good,” Andy added.

When asked about the recent news of ultra-long bonds being under consideration within the Trump administration, Andy concluded, “We are the strongest economy in the world at the moment, we should do very well selling our bonds… I think we should refinance as much of our debt as we possibly can at the lowest interest rates we can possibly get, just like I would do myself.”

Click here to listen to the full interview.

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