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Overregulation has hurt the restaurant industry, jobs & the economy but Trump’s win will revers

To read an article about a speech I delivered on this topic, please click here:


On Tuesday, I delivered a speech before the Restaurant Finance & Development Conference in which I discussed the impact of overregulation on the restaurant industry, jobs and the economy and how President-elect Trump’s win can help change that narrative. Among other regulatory burdens, I discussed how Obamacare has increased labor costs for businesses as well as insurance premiums which is reducing discretionary income for consumers, leading to a “government-mandated restaurant recession.” In order to lower the burdens businesses face and to create strong economic growth, we need a new set of policies. In case you’re interested, Franchise Times editor Nancy Weingartner interviewed me after my speech and did a nice write-up: Why CKE’s Andy Puzder Thinks the Government Doesn’t Understand Job Creation.

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