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Our new burger, “The Most American Burger,” is so bold that even one night entertainer is talking ab

For businesses to thrive, they must deliver what customers want with passion and frequency. For our company, that means frequently coming up with new burgers people will want to eat. This is a challenge but it’s one that we relish because we’re not afraid to be bold. Such is the case with our newest product, the “Most American Thickburger,” which is now being served at a Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s near you. As part of the new burger launch, I did a number of interviews to talk about the burger and other issues related to the industry.

I kicked off the week-long media tour thru NYC by going on “Squawk Box” to discuss our new burger. During the segment, I spoke about the All-Natural Burger, low-carb options and the importance of giving customers what they want. You can view that clip by clicking on this link: Millennial menu changes at Carl’s Jr.

Running a business, of course, also involves dealing with other challenges such as over-regulation, over-taxation, wage increases, etc. Some states do what they can to create environments where businesses can thrive and one of them is Wisconsin. In a separate segment titled, Market should drive wages up, I discussed a recent Wall Street Journal op-ed in which I set the record straight about Gov. Walker’s job creation record after the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) issued a report that ranked Wisconsin 40th in the nation for job growth for the one year period from September of 2013 to September of 2014. Instead of looking at the narrow window, I looked at a four year time-frame to show that Wisconsin actually has a good record to stand on. In case you’re interested, you can access the op-ed by clicking here.

On a lighter note, the Jimmy Kimmel Live show did a comedy skit in which they talked about our “Most American Thickburger.” If you want a good laugh, check out the “Burger, Burger” spoof ad where all the ingredients, from the bread to the pickles, are made up of meat. Click here to see the video or here to read his post. If you’re on Twitter, check out his tweet:

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