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Op-Ed: Blame Biden If Your July 4th Cookout Burns Your Wallet

This article was authored by Andy Puzder for Fox News on July 3, 2024

One in five shoppers are skipping meals to save money thanks to Bidenflation

In a recent interview covering food prices in the Biden era, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen replied, "No" when asked whether she experienced "sticker shock" on her weekly trips to the grocery store. Apparently, the economic expert who told us the worst and most persistent inflation since the 1980s was "transitory" would now like American families to believe food costs really are not that bad, despite what they see in the grocery store every week. They should believe their eyes and ignore Yellen.  


The American Farm Bureau's annual 4th of July market-basket survey for this year shows a 30% increase since 2019 in the costs for 4th of July cookout staples. No one who has been to a grocery store can ignore that. These are huge cost increases for families just getting by and already concerned about putting food on the table.  


According to the Food Industry Association’s 2024 Food Prices & the Consumer report, 70% of shoppers are concerned with rising prices at grocery stores, with 39% "extremely concerned."  


The Advantage 2024 Shopper Outlook survey found that over half of shoppers "have reduced how much they buy, and one-third say they have changed where they shop for groceries to save money." Most troubling, "[t]wenty percent of shoppers surveyed say they are skipping meals to save money." 


Obviously, you can't believe the treasury secretary either because she is very out of touch or because she is once again attempting to blur reality to support the Bidenomics narrative — no matter how disconnected that narrative is from reality. 


Americans just want the truth. It could make a positive difference if Yellen said, "Yes we know prices are out of control because we have embarked on an unprecedented level of government spending that, as Larry Summers correctly predicted, ‘set off inflationary pressures of a kind we have not seen in a generation.’ Sorry about that. So, now that we’ve learned our lesson, here's our plan to get it under control." Honesty could go a long way.

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