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Our nation’s economic engine is stuck in low gear—resulting in lack of opportunities for Americans—a

To watch my Fox Business interview on this topic, please click here:

On Friday, I joined Fox Business anchor Trish Reagan on The Intelligence Report to discuss Hillary Clinton outraising Trump in May and whether this will be a challenge for him. I pointed out that more donors will start contributing to Trump because of the threat her policies represent to economic growth. And, I pointed out that he will have access to funds the RNC has raised in three weeks. In contrasting how both would deal with fundamental challenges, I made the case that Trump is the better candidate because of his pro-growth agenda to which voters are responding favorably. As I pointed out to Trish, Trump is successfully courting working and middle-class Americans who don’t resent him for his success and who just want opportunities to achieve their own success. The segment is entitled: Andy Puzder: We are in real economic trouble.  Following the interview, Trump’s campaign announced that it raised $51 million in June, putting any fundraising concerns to rest.

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