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Op-Ed: The truth about Biden and America's economy

This article originally appeared on Fox Business on March 11, 2022.

When it comes to the economy, if there’s one thing President Biden is good at, its taking credit for positive news that has nothing to do with his policies. February’s jobs and inflation numbers make the point.

To use the Bureau of Labor Statistics language, "employment rose by 678,000 in February." It’s wonderful to see people returning to work as pandemic fears and government benefits that encourage leisure both decline. But let’s be clear, this is primarily people returning to work, not massive new job creation as Biden claims.

If you work at a plant that employs 100 people and shuts down for weekends, those employees returning to work is not equivalent to the employer creating 100 new jobs every Monday. Similarly, sitting in the White House at a time when people are returning to their jobs following economic shutdowns is not the same as having policies that create new jobs.

A state by state analysis clearly shows the impact returning to work has on the jobs numbers. Republican-led states, which have opened their economies more aggressively than Democrat-led states, are leading the jobs recovery. Through December, 16 of the top 20 states for jobs recovered since the pandemic began were led by Republican governors.

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