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Op-Ed: New jobs, unemployment numbers point to ‘V’-shaped recovery — only a Biden lockdown cou

This article originally appeared on September 4, 2020.

With Labor Day approaching, there is one thing on the minds of most unemployed Americans: When can I get back to work? As the August jobs numbers attest, the news in that respect is very good.

We increasingly appear to be experiencing a “V”-shaped recovery (or at least a very strong checkmark), with four straight months of the most robust job creation ever recorded —10.6 million new jobs in just one-third of a calendar year and nearly half of the jobs lost in the shutdown.

As the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday, in August alone, the economy created 1.4 million jobs, the fourth-best month since the government began reporting the data in 1939 and 2.5 times better than any one month under the Obama-Biden administration.

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