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Marketing 101: Staying in business means selling products your customers want

A few days ago, Fox Business News personality Neil Cavuto and I talked about why President Obama’s latest promise to offer free community college is an indication that he doesn’t know what people want and why his marketing is all wrong. Neil compared that approach against our successful approach to marketing and selling burgers we know people want to eat.

Neil kicks off the segment by saying that if you have something good to sell, people will buy your product. He then tells viewers this is why I spend time making sure our burgers look and taste good and why we use models to sell them. And, he is right. I’m not going to sell something people don’t want to buy.

After wrapping up our burger talk, we discussed the merits of offering “freebies” and why this approach won’t work. In essence, people won’t buy into the idea of having others get freebies at their expense which means the product won’t sell. Instead of focusing on freebies, politicians should focus on creating opportunities. This can be done by using the only thing that’s been known to work with the word “free” in it: the free enterprise system.

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