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Appearances: Cavuto: Coast to Coast – The Democrats are Wrong: This is a Tremendous Economic B

Earlier today, Andy joined Neil Cavuto to discuss how the 2020 Democratic nominees argued that the economy is only working for the rich during the Democratic Presidential Debate on June 26. Andy countered the Democrat’s false notions and pointed to the fact that wages are up among the working class and have been for the past nine months.

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“If you just look at retail workers, take managers out of it, it [wages] has been up 3.8% or better for the past 14 months. If you look at hotel and restaurant workers…its been up over 4% for eight consecutive months. For workers, this has been tremendous.” said Andy.

In closing, Neil asked Andy why the president isn’t benefiting more in the polls with the economy as strong as it is, to which Andy attributed bad press around trade deals, the border crisis and President Trump sometimes going after people he doesn’t necessarily need to. “Just leave them [the Democrats] alone, let them talk to themselves,” concluded Andy.

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