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Market swings, good burgers, overregulation and job creation were the topic of today’s discussion wi

To view today’s interview with Fox Business host Charles Payne regarding market selloff, please click here. As usual, you can scroll down for more details.

Anybody watching the market selloff knows that it has been significant. During a segment with Charles titled, Government needs to back off, we discussed how gas prices and a strong dollar should benefit companies with a domestic base in the U.S.

We also talked about the number of people who are eating out and whether the trend will continue. I used Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s as examples of how food quality has gone up and how attractive prices can help make the trend sustainable. However, things would be much better across our economy if government regulators would back off.

In discussing the impact of higher minimum wages and government overregulation on businesses, I cited a recent American Enterprise Institute (AEI) analysis that shows the Seattle hike has so far resulted in the loss of 1,300 jobs. I also told Charles about the National Labor Relations Board attack on franchising a business model that has lifted more people from the working class to the middle class than any other business model.

I wrapped up my interview by encouraging voters to support candidates who are going to help increase job opportunities and reduce poverty.

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