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Letting politics rather than sound economic policy dictate the path forward for our nation is hurtin

To watch an interview I did with Fox Business host Charles Payne on this topic, please click on this link:

Earlier today, I joined Fox Business host Charles Payne to do a segment entitled, Andy Puzder on Keystone Pipeline, ObamaCare, during which we discussed three separate topics: the fact that nearly 20 million people have either elected to pay a penalty or claimed an exemption to avoid purchasing insurance under Obamacare showing that the law has failed to provide affordable care; President Obama’s decision not to allow the private sector to build the Keystone Pipeline and the negative impact this will have on the economy and working/middle class Americans; and, a report which shows there’s no correlation between eating “junk food” and gaining weight. I hope you’ll enjoy the segment and share it with others.

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