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If the economy is as good as Democrats claim, why is the Fed afraid to raise interest rates 0.25 of

To watch a recent interview on this topic, please click here:

Earlier today, I joined Fox Business host Stuart Varney to discuss Donald Trump’s assertion that the Federal Reserve has kept interest rates historically low to help President Obama. Varney asked what I thought and I explained that while there’s a lot of talk on the Left about full employment and a strong economy, GDP and labor participation numbers tell a very different story. I also told Varney that if the economy were doing well, the Fed would not be so concerned about raising interest rates a mere 0.25 of a point. Varney then played a clip in which VP Joe Biden says Trump thinks American workers are lazy. I told Varney that Trump does not believe American workers are lazy and that his policies will help create better paying jobs for them which is why he is getting so much support from working class and middle class Americans. The segment is entitled: Andy Puzder on the Fed, Trump’s economic policy.

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