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GOP candidates are right: $15 minimum wage will reduce entry level jobs for young people who need th

To watch an interview I did with Fox Business Risk & Reward anchor Deirdre Bolton on this topic, please click on this link:

Earlier today, I did an interview Fox Business Risk & Reward anchor Deirdre Bolton to discuss yesterday’s GOP debate during which some candidates said that raising the minimum wage to $15 would be bad for the economy. They’re right. In a segment entitled, Andy Puzder on minimum wage, GOP debate, Deirdre and I talked about the labor force participation rate which shows that fewer young people are working or looking for work. If the minimum wage is increased dramatically without any thought to how a business must deal with labor increases, people will see entry-level opportunities vanish. Businesses will have no option but to continue to automate instead of hiring workers. Those running for office need to offer solutions for creating a healthy economy which, in turn, will ensure that everyone who wants to work will have access to opportunities. We need policies that protect jobs, not Big Labor talking points that sound good on the campaign trail.

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