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Financial markets buoyed by unlikelihood of Bernie Sanders being Democratic nominee

To watch the interview I did with Fox Business FOX Business anchor Deirdre Bolton on the topic, please click on this link:

Yesterday, I joined FOX Business anchor Deirdre Bolton in a segment entitled, If anybody scares the financial markets, it’s Sanders, to talk about former presidential candidate Mitt Romney who is drawing attention to Trump’s back taxes. As I explained to her, voters should be informed about whether there is an issue with Trump’s self-declared “beautiful” tax returns if he wants their support. It’s silly to leave an issue on the table—that could very well be a non-issue—for Democrats to exploit later on.

Deirdre also asked if the markets were having their second best day of the year because investors now have a clear idea about who the frontrunners are following Super Tuesday.  I told her it’s hard to judge markets based on how they perform in one day. One thing is clear, though, the markets reacted favorably to not having Bernie Sanders as the presumptive Democratic nominee.

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