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Burdensome taxes and regulations are hindering economic progress and everyday Americans are paying t

If you read my blog often, you know I feel strongly about the role job creators play in moving the economy forward and putting people to work. For decades, American business men and women from different backgrounds have contributed immensely not only to our nation’s economic growth and prosperity but also to strengthening our economic bonds with other nations, thereby benefitting the global economy. Unfortunately, starting up new businesses or running existing ones has become increasingly challenging because of the heavy-handed regulatory approach our nation’s leaders and other public officials have adopted. This ultimately limits our ability to invest money and create jobs. Recently, Neil Cavuto and I discussed this very challenge during a segment titled, Taxes, red tape piling on American business.

During the segment, Neil asked me if there’s a way for businesses to feel like they can trust Washington and I told him the way to do it is by electing individuals who support economic growth rather than big government. This was the case in 2010, when Republicans took over the House, and in 2014, when they took over the Senate. Following these elections, the business community breathed easier because it knew that nothing disastrous like Obamacare or Dodd-Frank would come down the pike. These wins, however, didn’t permanently eliminate the threat—a lot of danger lurks for job creators of all sizes from continuing attempts by regulatory agencies to further regulate businesses.

As a study commissioned by the National Association of Manufacturers last year shows, the big government agenda translates into a $2 trillion price tag annually in compliance costs for businesses. Until we elect people who want to reverse that trend, the economy will continue to limp along while Americans suffer.

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