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Blue collar voters want a candidate who says jobs are staying in the US and only people here legally

You can watch the interview I did with Fox Business Risk & Reward guest host Jo Ling Lent on this topic by clicking on this link:

On Fox Business Risk & Reward guest host Jo Ling Lent and I talked about Donald Trump’s poll numbers, his lead and recent comments that he made about wanting Apple to manufacture its products exclusively in the U.S.  If businesses are properly incentivized, they may well choose to keep jobs in the U.S.  However, this isn’t something a President could compel.  Currently, companies are forced to go elsewhere because overregulation and an outdated tax code make it harder for them to thrive here at home.  When making such comments, Mr. Trump is appealing to blue collar voters who feel that our government is coming at them in two ways.  First, by allowing good paying jobs to go overseas, particularly to China.  Second, by failing to prevent people who are here illegally from taking the jobs that are still here.  Any candidate who wants to garner support from these blue collar voters is going to have to address their economic concerns in a way that shows genuine empathy.  These voters don’t want to hear about GDP or labor participation.  They want to hear about jobs for themselves and their children. On another topic, we talked about the new $4 Real Deal available at Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s.  I think it’s the best deal out there.  To watch the segment, click on this link: CKE Restaurants CEO on the 2016 presidential race, new $4 menu.

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