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Appearances: Your World With Neil Cavuto – MoveOn Declares That ‘Low Wages are Violence’

Andy joined Neil Cavuto today to respond to a progressive advocacy group’s comparison of low wages to violence.

“Violence is violence, this is not violence,” said Andy. “When you agree to pay somebody the going wage in an agreement between the employer and employee that’s called employment, it’s not called violence.”

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Andy points out that right now there are 440,000 job openings in manufacturing, 300,000 job openings in transportation, and another 250,000 openings in construction which indicates significant economic growth. “You can’t drive by a restaurant that doesn’t have a sign up there trying to hire people for $10, $11, $12 an hour – well in excess of the minimum wage,” said Andy.

“Mandating a dramatic minimum wage increase like $15 an hour kills jobs, lowers incomes, hurts businesses, and hurts the very employees they claim to be trying to help,” he continued. “As long as economic growth drives wages up… you don’t have the deleterious effects, you don’t have the job killing, automation, and all the things that come in when you compel businesses to raise wages.”

Andy says let business people do what business people do, which is grow and create jobs. Economic growth will increasingly make organizations like MoveOn irrelevant.

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