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Appearances: Varney & Co. – U.S. Economy; midterm election

Andy sat with Stuart Varney this morning to discuss the restaurant business, the economy, and how Americans will vote in the upcoming midterm election.

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Although recent reports have shown a decline in the restaurant and bar business, Andy argues that these businesses have been on the uphill since February 2018 and notes there is no immediate cause for concern. Andy also suggests there may be a restaurant and bar sales decline due to Hurricane Florence. Regardless of the decrease on the restaurant and bar front, retail sales remain strong. “Retail sales ought to be strong, our economy is incredible! This is the largest retail market in the world in the United States; when it is up 3 to 4 percent, that is a tremendous amount of money,” said Andy.

In closing, Andy was asked about the midterm elections. “I think Republicans will do better than people are currently perceiving they will do come November.”

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