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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Trade Talks with China

Andy sat down with Stuart Varney to discuss his recent opinion piece about trade negotiations titled, ‘Trump’s tough stand on China trade will benefit America and the world.’

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With China’s current trade tactics, Andy notes that any deal Trump is able to negotiate will be better than what we have in place. “Whatever we get, it won’t be as bad as it is now. Our trade deficit with China is huge– it drags down our GDP, they steal our intellectual property and sell goods back to us manufactured with our technology in industries they’ve subsidized,” said Andy.

“The world can really benefit from what the president is doing,” Andy continued. However, he also points out that these benefits will be determined by what kind of deal President Trump can negotiate, which will depend heavily on the patience and support of both the American business community and investors on Wall Street.

“I think he’ll get a lot of support from the business community. I just hope people have the patience to let us work our way through this and let the president negotiate this deal,” said Andy.

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Twitter Copy:

Had a chance to speak with Stuart on @Varneyco to discuss my recent @FoxNews OpEd

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