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Appearances: Varney & Co. – Reopening the Country

Earlier today, Andy joined Stuart Varney’s show to discuss the growing urgency among Americans to reopen the country. Andy argued that Americans are going to continue to put the pressure on their state’s government to reopen so they can get back to work.

Next, Stuart pointed out the potential of future liability issues that businesses could face should employees or customers get sick. Andy argued that while the coronavirus is still a threat, the government must implement a bill to help businesses have liability protection and assured Stuart that Republicans are ready to pass it.

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In closing, Andy was asked how his home state of Tennessee is looking after initially reopening. “I think we’re going to see much better results much sooner than people are predicting…we’re still in pain, a lot of people still don’t have jobs, there’s a lot more to do- but I’ll tell you what- here in Tennessee, thanks to Governor Lee, you can feel the energy,” concluded Andy.

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