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Appearances: Varney & Co. – GOP Spending Bill; President Trump’s Firm Response to Former

Yesterday on Varney & Co., Andy weighed in on the House Freedom Caucus letter sent to the White House, which urges President Donald Trump to reject the Republican leadership’s $1.3 trillion spending bill. “I’m sure the president is disappointed that certain things weren’t in the bill, I’m certainly disappointed there aren’t more things in the bill that would advance our agenda but this was the best they [Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan] could negotiate,” said Andy. “We did get things we want, it’s just disappointing we didn’t get more.”

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Also discussed was the recent dust up between former Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump that surfaced earlier today. Trump’s fiery tweet was responding to Biden’s comments at a University of Miami College Democrats rally on Tuesday about how, if he was in high school, Mr. Biden would ‘beat the hell’ out of Mr. Trump. “The whole thing is very immature, former Vice President Biden often says things that are just absurd,” said Andy. “Look, this president will fight back. I think one thing we’ve learned over the past year is if you go after this president he will come after you – he’s done it with the mainstream media, he’s done it with political opponents and he’s done it with Joe Biden.”

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