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Appearances: Varney & Co– Amazon Should Consider Planting Second Headquarters in Tennessee; Ame

Earlier today, Andy sat down with Stuart Varney to talk about Amazon’s re-evaluation of opening a new campus in New York due to strong local opposition. When Stuart asked why Tennessee could be an ideal alternative Andy pointed out that with no state income tax, estate tax, and a low capital gains tax, it is a perfect state for Amazon to consider in lieu of New York.

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When questioned about what kind of offer Tennessee could present to Amazon, Andy replied, “I think they would make a rational offer to Amazon, this is a very financial-savvy state…This really would be an ideal place for Amazon.”

Also discussed was the monthly JOLTS survey, which reported that job openings have reached an impressive record high of 7.3 million. “This is spectacular news…as the president pointed out in the State of the Union, you’ve already got more people working than have ever worked, their wages are up more than in a decade, and with the tax cuts they are taking more of what they earn– so they’re spending. Spending drives two-thirds of our economic growth,” stated Andy. “There are another 7.3 million job openings out there and you’ve only got 6.5 million people the Bureau of Labor Statics considers unemployed. Wages are going to continue to go up, people are going to continue to spend and businesses are continuing to hire– this is spectacular news.”

Stuart then brought up the recent Gallup Poll findings that said 69 percent of Americans expect their financial situation to improve over the next year despite the negative and unfounded coverage on the economy from the Democrats and financial press. “The Democrats and financial press are almost in this position of arguing ‘Who are you going to believe, me or your wallet?’…People are believing their wallets– they know they are better off,” argues Andy.

In closing, Andy adds that, “This year, we not only hit a 50-year low in the unemployment rate but the unemployment rate for African Americans, Hispanics, Asians, women, teenagers, people with disabilities and veterans all hit or almost hit historic lows– we are in an incredible time economically.”

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