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Appearances: Varney & Co./America’s Newsroom – Wages Show Spectacular Growth Thanks to th

Varney & Co.

Earlier today, Andy joined Stuart Varney to discuss the Trump economy and new data from the Wall Street Journal on wage growth. Andy noted that wage growth has been spectacular, with a 5.5% year over year increase in June alone. “To put it in perspective, wages have increased over $150 billion more in the first six months of 2019 than they did in the entire year of 2016 – so much for Obama’s secular stagnation,” said Andy.

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Andy concluded by arguing that at the end of the day, American’s know they are bringing in more money despite Democrats constantly telling them, ‘Who are you going to believe- me or your lying wallet?’

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America’s Newsroom

Andy also joined America’s Newsroom to chat about the Federal Reserve interest rate cuts anticipated later today. When asked how this will affect our economy, Andy argued that it will make it easier for people from other countries to buy U.S. goods and ultimately increase manufacturing and jobs. “It will encourage businesses to invest and it will encourage other countries to buy goods manufactured in the United States, which will help our economy, which helps everybody.”

Like on Varney, also discussed was the Wall Street Journal‘s new data on faster wage growth, to which Andy said, “This is the Trump economic boom– the President’s done a spectacular job with his economic policies and it’s reaching into the pockets of the American people and filling those pockets.”

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In closing, Andy was asked about the United States’ agreement to continue trade talks with China in early September and where these negotiations will go, to which he said, “They [China] can see the rest of the world growing and prospering and they’re not so, they need this deal,” said Andy.

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