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Appearances: Trish Regan Primetime – Trump Capitalist Policies are Creating Jobs for the Middle Clas

Last night, Andy joined Trish Regan to discuss the idea of the hour glass economy – an economy that squeezes the middle class, while benefitting the upper and lower classes. Trish notes that Trump’s policies help the middle class and the sooner both parties start paying attention to the “ignored middle class in the hourglass” the better we all will be.

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Andy comments, “It’s been a real disaster over the past eight to ten years. During the Obama era, we saw the rich get richer, the poor get richer through more benefits, and the middle class got nothing. Now, we’re starting to see wages increase for the middle class because so many jobs have been created… blue collar, working class workers finally have some leverage and we’re seeing wages go up 3.2 percent and that hasn’t happened in a decade.”

When asked to what we can attribute this growth, Andy notes, “the reason we have more job opportunities is because President Trump implemented capitalist policies, cut taxes, slashed regulations, and he encouraged domestic energy production.”

To conclude the segment, Trish asked for Andy’s thoughts on whether or not the middle class would elect Trump for a second term. “I sure hope so because the president is fighting for Americans while democrats are fighting the president…this president wants economic security, foreign security, and border security, while the democrats just want to beat the president” said Andy. He concluded with a direct statement to viewers, “America, focus on who is trying to help you, not on who is trying to get power and get elected.”

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