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Appearances: The Story with Martha MacCallum – Trump Pushes for Stiff Tariffs on China; Larry Kudlow

Yesterday evening, Andy spoke with Martha about the president’s negotiation tactics and proposed tariffs on at least an annual $30 billion of Chinese imports. “President Trump came in with a hammer and now not only is China negotiating with us, but Chancellor Merkel just said the E.U. should talk and negotiate with the U.S. about the planned steel and aluminum tariffs – of course they should,” said Andy. “We are the world’s largest customer, and who do you not want to offend? Your largest customer.”

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Mr. Trump argues that stiff tariffs and other trade measures seek to address the enormous U.S. trade deficit and China’s flagrant trade violations.

Also discussed was Larry Kudlow’s recent appointment as President Trump’s new chief economic advisor and director of the National Economic Council. “The president wants people who will do what he directs them to do but before he gives the direction, he wants to hear both sides. Larry will speak up and do his job, but he won’t hold back from telling the president what he thinks,” Andy said. “Larry Kudlow is not a ‘yes man.’”

Lastly, Andy was asked for his opinion on Inc.’s unprecedented growth. “Amazon is forcing companies to innovate and create. Walmart is changing the way it does business because of Amazon. If the government comes in and tries to regulate, it will restrict that innovation and drive within the market,” argued Andy.

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