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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald – Socialist Policy Results vs. Capitalist Pol

Last night Andy joined Elizabeth MacDonald to discuss the many issues surrounding adopting socialist policies in the U.S.

“People need to remember that socialism has had terrible, terrible results in every place it has been tried– historically and currently.” argued Andy. “The capitalist policies President [Trump] put in place reduced taxes, reduced regulation and focused on domestic energy. We’ve are close to or are at the lowest unemployment rates ever for Hispanics, African Americans, Asians, women and people with only a high school education. Wages are up 3.1 percent, benefits are up almost 3 percent, take-home pay is up over 5 percent.” continued Andy. “By arguing that these capitalist policies don’t work but socialist policies do, you’d have to ignore reality, current events, and history.”

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Also discussed was the rising chorus of Medicare for all. While Andy argues that the current health care in this country is in need of reform, he disagrees with the notion of a single-payer health care system.

“I think Singapore is a really good example. They have a health care system that uses competition to lower prices and cost. They also have the lowest percentage of GDP spent on health care and some of the best results in the world. We shouldn’t be looking to countries with failed health care systems, we should be looking for countries with successful health systems,” said Andy. Beyond this, Andy also notes this just isn’t a feasible option. “You can’t pay $32.6 trillion over 10 years. That’s doubling the federal spending; we can’t even come up with the cash to cover the spending we’re doing now.”

In closing, Elizabeth asked Andy about his thoughts on the Republican voters not being picked up in the polls. “Don’t look at the polling, listen to what the candidates say and what is being done,” said Andy.

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