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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald – President Trump is a Political Unicorn

Yesterday, Andy joined Elizabeth MacDonald to discuss the continued left-wing media attacks on President Trump. “The president is absolutely right- we are in an amazing time economically and politically and he is not getting the credit,” said Andy. President Trump has utilized social media in a way that his predecessors have not. “It drives the media nuts….When he wants to tell the American people something, he simply sends out a Tweet and 50 million people get it, while prior presidents had to have a press conference which the press would then interpret,” Andy added. Through social media usage, President Trump has been able to directly communicate exactly what he wants to say to the American people without interference from the media.

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Also examined, was the question of where the country would be if Hillary Clinton had been elected as president. “Economically, we’d be where we were under Barack Obama. Instead of having 7 million job openings and 6.1 million unemployed people, we’d have many, many more unemployed people than we’d have job openings,” argued Andy. “President Trump is a political unicorn. Thank God he happened now.”

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