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Appearances: The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald – Democrats are Very Desperate and Beginning

Andy joined The Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald today on Fox Business Network to discuss two topics: how the Democrats are being seduced by the extreme left’s socialist policies, and which low-tax states are seeing the largest population gains.

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Steny Hoyer, the No. 2 House Democrat, recently unveiled his updated economic pitch aimed at helping his party win back the House. Sadly for Mr. Hoyer, with great news day after day on better jobs and increasing wages for American workers, he’s in trouble and he knows it.

“They’re very desperate… you’ve got 65 percent of Americans according to Gallup who believe it’s a good time to find a quality job and you’ve got 56 percent of Americans according to the Wall Street Journal/NBC poll saying Democrats are out of touch,” said Andy. “There are great quality working- and middle-class jobs out there. There’s hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing, construction, transportation… we haven’t seen jobs like this in a decade.”

Headed into the midterms, Andy feels the American people will undoubtedly realize which economic system wins the ridiculous capitalism vs. socialism debate, adding that “capitalism is so much better and so much more effective than socialism. Socialism has failed everywhere it’s been tried.”

In closing, Andy was asked for his thoughts on the latest numbers showing that the populations in Texas and Florida, two low-tax states, have increased tremendously according to government data. Andy called for the Democrat-dominated states to figure out a solution soon, such as lowering their taxes, because they lost their state and local tax (SALT) deductions.

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