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Appearances: Mornings with Maria – The U.S. is in a Great Period of Prosperity

This morning, Andy joined Mornings with Maria to discuss the New York Times reporting on FedEx’s alleged tax evasion and the Company’s pushback against the claim, the 2020 Democratic hopefuls’ response to the Trump administration, the USMCA [United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement], and the strength of the American economy.

First discussed were the allegations made by the New York Times about FedEx and Fred Smith [FedEx CEO] challenging the publisher to a debate on the claims. “I’d love to see that debate. You’d have a legitimate businessman who actually knows what he’s talking about debating people at the New York Times who rely on Paul Krugman [American economist and NYT columnist] …for their economic policy,” said Andy. “Who cares if the corporation paid less in tax. The point isn’t that we’re going to punish corporations with the tax code, the point is we want to raise revenue, create prosperity and help American workers- that’s exactly what the tax cuts are doing.”

Next, Andy was asked about his thoughts on Republicans being reactive to the Democrat’s economic proposals rather than being proactive. Andy argued that in some ways the socialist programs being suggested by the Democrats are a reaction. “One of the reasons there is such vehemence, such hatred of Donald Trump, is because he is proving with great economic results… that everything the left tried to feed the American people during the Obama administration was a lie,” Andy added.

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The conversation then turned to President Trump promising subsidies to American farmers as the U.S. continues to work through the trade war with China. “There is an impact to the economy- it’s the good fight, we need to fight it. We need fair trade with China. I think one of the victims of this fight has been the farmers, so I have no problem with the president taking money… and giving it to farmers to keep them alive.” said Andy.

Lastly, Andy provided commentary on the USMCA and how it is a great deal for workers despite Speaker Pelosi’s hand in trying to assuage the unions and keep the Trump administration from getting yet another victory. “This is the best deal for labor,” Andy concluded.

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