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Appearances: Mornings with Maria – Democrats Fear the GOP Tax Reform and its Projected Success; Merg

Earlier today, Andy appeared on Mornings with Maria to discuss the final push of the GOP tax plan. Andy notes that the majority of businesses are paying close attention to what is happening in Washington right now. According to a November 2017 report from the National Federation of Independent Business, small business optimism is the highest it has been in 34 years, which is the second-highest reading in the 44-year history of the survey.

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Also important, Andy argues, is that this bill will generate economic growth, benefiting all Americans and the overall economy. Power and fear help explain the Democratic opposition to the tax bill, as Democrats can’t bear to see the Republican tax reform bill pass and then succeed in the eyes of working and middle-class families.

Andy then weighed in on the busy week of mergers and acquisitions within the food industry, including Jack in the Box selling Qdoba to Apollo Global Management, Campbell Soup purchasing Snyder’s-Lance, and Hershey Co. buying out SkinnyPop. These deals indicate the American economy is going to grow, people in the business community have confidence it will grow, and the tax bill is a big part of that. Even with just deregulation, Andy argues, GDP this year will continue to rise and may even hit 4% by the end of the fourth quarter.

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