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Appearances: Fox & Friends – If the Economy Stays the Way it is, Trump Wins

Yesterday, Andy joined Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends to discuss Elizabeth Warren’s absurd $52 trillion ‘Medicare for all’ plan and the strong Trump economy.

“Her [Warren] plan is ridiculous. It’s a fantasy- it’s unachievable,” said Andy. “There’s so much about this plan that would be so devastating for the American people. I think people are smart enough to know that.”

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Next discussed was the positive October jobs report, which added 128,000 jobs. Beyond that, Andy noted that there were another 95,000 jobs added in August and September. “…So the total increase for October was 225,000- this is a tremendous number,” Andy continued.

To finished the segment, Steve asked Andy how the Democrats will be able to run and compete against such a strong economy. “If the economy stays the way it is, Trump wins- the Democrats know that,” Andy concluded.

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