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Appearances: Fox & Friends – GOP Tax Overhaul is Revitalizing U.S. Economy Under Trump

Today on Fox & Friends, Andy discussed his latest opinion piece published in The Hill, a top U.S. political website focusing on policy, business and international relations, which details how the Trump administration’s regulatory rollback has ignited business and consumer optimism, driving economic growth at a pace few anticipated.

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“While Democrats are mired in their disingenuous mantra on tax breaks for the rich, Republicans have focused their tax reform efforts on exactly the right goal: economic growth that benefits everyone,” wrote Puzder in his op-ed. “There was a time when Democrats understood the difference.”

Ultimately, Andy argues, when government allows U.S.-based business to grow by giving them tax breaks and regulatory relief, as President Trump has done, investment dollars will flow, resulting in more growth, more jobs and higher wages.

To read Andy’s full article for The Hill, click here.

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