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Appearances: Cheddar – June 2020 Jobs Reports

Today, Andy joined Cheddar to talk about the June 2020 jobs report. When host Baker Machado asked Andy about what this positive jobs report means for congress and the next relief bill, Andy said, “This morning we’re showing another 3.2 million person decline in the number of people unemployed – so these numbers, they should give congress the ability to deal with the situation more rationally than has been the case over the past few months.”

Next, Machado asked Andy where the focus of the recovery efforts should lie. While Andy argued that we still need to help those who are unemployed due to the coronavirus, he explained that with the current bonus unemployment benefits in place until July 31, many people are making more money than if they were working and that is keeping the numbers of those receiving unemployment benefits up and making it harder for employers to hire. “There’s a difference between helping people who are unemployed because of the virus and encouraging people to be unemployed and the current policies actually encourage people to be unemployed – they discourage work and I think these numbers show we can cut back on that,” added Andy.

The conversation then turned to the upcoming election in November. When asked how the jobs data will impact the campaigns and if they’ll provide a boost for President Trump, Andy said, “The number one issue, even with the virus, among voters has been the economy. His [Trump] strength always was the economy. I think you can see with these numbers that the economy is recovering with President Trump’s pro-growth policies… I think this should help President Trump as we get closer to the election.”

In closing, Andy was asked if the economic recovery might falter due to states re-closing. “Clearly, it [the economy] can recover. Now the virus is still with us – there may be ups and downs but long term, the economy will come back, peoples lives will get back to normal. That may take a while… This current economic acceleration is certainly ahead of all expectations,” said Andy. “I think we will recover as soon as is possible.”

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