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Appearances: Cavuto Coast to Coast – Walmart Needs More Employees, Even with the Expansion of

Earlier today, Andy joined David Asman on Cavuto Coast to Coast to discuss Walmart’s decision to expand the use of robots in their stores, but first shared his thoughts on Bernie Sander’s Medicare-for-all plan. He argued that while Bernie claims to want to reduce the cost of healthcare and improve it, the only thing that has ever truly done this is competition. When you eliminate competition and insert the government, prices will go up and quality will go down.

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Next, Andy points out the impact of economic growth on companies like Amazon, Target, Costco and Bank of America and their announcements of a minimum wage increase with no government mandates. He goes on to note that Walmart needs to hire more employees and is using automation as a means to cut other costs in order to increase wages and bring in the workers they need.

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