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Appearances: C-SPAN and Fox Business – Andy Discusses His New Book, Capitalism, the Free Market and


Today on C-SPAN, Andy talked about his new book, The Capitalist Comeback: The Trump Boom and the Left’s Plot to Stop It, on his view that President Trump’s strong support of American capitalism has increased U.S. prosperity and opportunity.

“I have a chapter in the book that covers income inequality at length. It is not as bad as you’re being told it is. You can’t shrink income inequality with government mandates – you can’t order the rich to get poorer and the poor to get richer,” argues Andy. “What you have to do is create good paying jobs so people that are in the working class can increase their incomes.”

Andy went on to say that the progressive notion of wealth creation being a zero-sum game couldn’t be further from the truth. “If we get economic growth, wages will start to go up, income inequality will decline and everybody should benefit,” Andy continued. Furthermore, Mr. Puzder is very excited about the current state of the country and the potential of prosperity going forward for working and middle class Americans.

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Fox Business – Kennedy

Andy also joined Lisa Kennedy today to discuss how Democrats are trying to downplay the strength of the U.S. economy since President Trump took office. “We have more people employed than we’ve ever had and more job openings than we’ve ever had. We would not have had this kind of GDP growth under Hillary Clinton,” said Andy.

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Kennedy then asked Andy for his thoughts on the Dodd-Frank Act debate and how it affects small businesses. Andy said, “I ran a big company, but it was a big company made up of small companies because we had a lot of franchisees who owned between one and maybe 100 restaurants. I was dealing with small businesses all the time and they were getting killed by Dodd-Frank because the community banks they relied on for funding were closing. Dodd-Frank really took the big banks that were too big to fail and made them even bigger, so they’re even more of a threat to the American economy.”

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