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Appearances: Andy Talks to Fox News & Fox Business on Fast Food Labor Shortages, the 2020 Democ

Mornings with Maria

Yesterday, Andy appeared in studio with Maria Bartiromo to chat about the current fast food labor shortages. Various chains like Pizza Hut and Checkers will soon offer expedited pay – where employees would have the opportunity for same-day and next-day paychecks. Andy commented that due to our country’s record unemployment and the fact that there are 1.3 million more job openings than people looking for jobs, this is a great way to compete for workers.

Also discussed was the 2020 election and the Democratic presidential candidates’ proposals to ultimately raise taxes if elected. “Cutting taxes has had tremendous benefits for American workers…we’ve got more people working than have ever worked in the history of the country, we’ve got tremendous economic growth, in part because of those tax cuts. The fact [is] that tax revenue is up…and everybody’s better off,” argued Andy.

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In closing Andy pointed out the absurdity of former Vice President Biden recently taking credit for the current American economy. “They [Democrats] have to try and convince voters that Trump’s financial success is due to them and at the same time they’re hoping he’ll fail,” said Andy.

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America’s Newsroom

Andy later joined America’s Newsroom to discuss the ongoing trade war with China. When asked who wins this war, Andy argued that America will. He noted that there will be some short-term pains for some during the negotiation process in order to get the long-term gains. “In the long run, everybody will be better off,” he added.

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Also brought up was Ford’s announcement to slash nearly 7,000 white-collar jobs, to which Andy said, “You hate to see anybody cutting back. On the other end, if it’s making Ford leaner, meaner, a better competitor worldwide, a better competitor domestically- then I think that it’s something they need to do.”

In closing, Andy also spoke on infrastructure and Morehouse College’s commencement speaker paying off student loans.

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