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Andy Puzder Hits New York – Talks Economy, Jobs, Business Optimism and Immigration with Fox Business

Fox Business – Mornings with Maria

“This is the most booming economy that I can ever remember experiencing, the energy and business optimism is incredible,” said Andy in yesterday’s panel sit-down interview with Maria Bartiromo. Business optimism in America is at all-time highs amid tax reform and record markets, he explains. While companies must pay a one-time tax of 15.5% on overseas profit held in cash and other liquid assets, many companies stand to benefit from much lower tax rates in the future.

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Andy was also asked for his opinion on the 18 states that are raising their minimum wage. “The key with the minimum wage is not to raise it above where competition has driven it,” said Andy. “Competition will set the minimum wage.”

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Fox News – Fox & Friends

Andy reacts to news about Maryland lawmakers seeking to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. When the minimum wage goes up because government mandates wages to increase, versus economic growth increasing wages, three key impacts could potentially occur: businesses may close because they’re no longer profitable; employers may reduce labor, either by cutting hours or reducing staff; or, the company moves to automation.

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“A lot of people that can’t afford to go to college, or those that need to work in order to pay for college, need those entry level jobs but the minimum wage hikes are killing them,” argued Andy. “It has very negative impacts for the country.”

Finally, Puzder added that because of tax reform, optimism is historically high among the business community which inevitably means growth.

MSNBC – Live with Stephanie Ruhle

Andy joins Stephanie Ruhle to talk about everything from the immigration debate to if he’d consider another job in the White House. Andy argues that there is great value in the legal system we have in place, explaining that he has always been a supporter of legal (not illegal) immigration. Immigration reform requires legislative action, not an executive mandate as Barack Obama implemented in 2012 when he put DACA in place to provide pseudo-legal status to illegal aliens brought to the U.S. as minors. 

Puzder believes Congress should take some responsibility for our immigration problems and is hopeful the president will fix them, further adding, “I’m completely supportive of that.”

The U.S. need better deals on trade, and a rational immigration policy that acknowledges our borders and acknowledges the worth of immigrants that we bring into the country. These decisions should be based on economics, not distant family ties. 

“There are things we can do on immigration that are rational and make sense, not only for businesses but for immigrants and our desire to be a kinder nation,” said Andy.

Lastly, when asked if he would consider another job at the White House Andy responded favorably and said, “if the president asked me to mow the lawn I’d mow the lawn, I’d love to be there helping.”

Fox Business – Intelligence Report with Trish Regan

In his last appearance of the day, Andy discussed with Trish how the latest tax reductions will incentivize businesses to grow and invest in the U.S. economy. Thanks to the president’s pro-growth economic agenda, small business optimism is at a record high. 

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“If you reduce regulations, if you reduce tax liabilities, if you reduce tax burdens on businesses, business will have money and that will energize the economy – people will want to build and want to grow,” argued Andy. “Government can’t solve the middle-class problems, but government can get out of the way and allow the middle-class take care of itself; this is what’s happening under President Trump. The government is moving back, they’re letting businesses grow, and they’re incentivizing people to open new businesses.”

Apple recently said it would invest $30 billion in capital spending in the U.S. over five years that would create more than 20,000 jobs thanks to the U.S. tax code overhaul which will continue to foster business investment and accelerate economic growth.

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