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A college lesson students can’t afford to fail: freedom of speech creates the foundation for a free

To read the Real Clear Politics op-ed I wrote on the topic, please click on this link:

Against the backdrop of social unrest related to free speech in college campuses across our nation, I wrote an op-ed entitled, The Importance of Free Speech on Campus, which Real Clear Politics posted on their website yesterday. I wrote the op-ed because I think it’s important for students and those in academia to understand the danger that silencing free speech in campuses represents to the values and freedoms of a free society. We are not at our strongest when we censure views that are different than ours just because we might find them offensive. As I write in the op-ed, rather than labeling dissenting views as hate speech or trigger warnings, colleges would better serve their students by emphasizing that a free society can only remain free if there is genuine respect for open thought and free expression.

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