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Why does the President slam @Staples and other U.S. businesses for ObamaCare-related problems?

Yesterday, I spoke with Neil Cavuto about President Obama’s recent negative remarks against Staples and their compliance with Obamacare. In the Fox Business segment titled President Obama slams Staples, others for making ObamaCare-related cuts, Neil challenged the President’s assertion that Staples is greedy and doesn’t care about its employees. I agree with Neil that Obamacare is the real culprit when it comes to the reduction of employee work hours.

To grow, prosper and create more jobs, American businesses must mitigate increased labor costs created by policies such as Obamacare. The President should fix a policy that doesn’t work, not fixate on blaming businesses that would love to provide more jobs.

Speaking of American jobs, Real Clear Politics today published an op-ed I wrote titled The Truth About Obama’s Job Record in which I explain why the unemployment rate is misleading.

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