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When losing is no longer an option, challenge the status quo and map a new course of action

To quickly access my recent Wall Street Journal op-ed, please click here: How the GOP Can Avoid Becoming the Pan Am Party. You can read on if you want some additional background…

In business, as in politics, we often come across people who refuse to adapt in the face of change which can result in setbacks both large and small. Today, as a nation, we seem incapable of moving forward and dealing with serious issues in a pragmatic and reasonable manner. This becomes even more apparent during campaign seasons as Americans become more divided on issues that impact us all equally.

The recent comments made by Donald Trump regarding immigrants serve as a perfect example of this disconnect and failure to map a new course of action. That’s why I took the opportunity to submit an op-ed to the Wall Street Journal published Wednesday under the headline, How the GOP Can Avoid Becoming the Pan Am Party. My point is simple: to win next year’s presidential election, Republicans cannot alienate the very voters they will need to win it, so they must consider a different approach.  We can’t insult the very voters essential to victory and expect them to vote Republican. The bottom-line is that the demographics in our nation are changing and the party needs to figure out ways to make voters, who haven’t typically voted Republican, feel welcomed. We can adapt without compromising our principles but adapt we must.

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